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Why the Best Tools and Facilities Matter for Your Grad Degree: Looking at SHU’s State-of-the-Art Learning Spaces

February 4, 2021

How much do facilities really matter when you're getting an advanced degree? Does it matter if you're attending a distinguished school with state-of-the-art technology, a range of science and engineering labs, a full-service media center, and future-focused healthcare buildings? Does it make a difference if the facilities are built for hands-on learning and collaboration?

The answer is yes. It definitely matters.

When you earn a graduate degree from Sacred Heart University, you'll see why. With a thoughtfully constructed campus, innovative learning spaces, and laboratories built to support academic growth in a range of disciplines, Sacred Heart creates the perfect environment for intellectual pursuit.   

Have you chosen a graduate degree? Need some guidance? Let us help!

High-Quality Facilities Enhance Your Educational Experience

Graduate school is essentially a tool; a tool to advance your career and personal goals. This means, the more perfectly designed your tool is, the better your learning experience will be. At Sacred Heart University, we've created the richest academic environment possible, so that when an idea strikes you have the means and support to explore it.   

Here’s a quick look at the resources available to you as a SHU graduate student. 

SHU iHub

Sacred Heart University and Verizon combined forces to create an innovation space where students can cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, work side-by-side with peers and professors, explore materials, develop projects, and more. The iHub is a dynamic office environment where innovation teams can come together to support one another in entrepreneurial endeavors, test products, develop business ideas, and more. 

Take a virtual tour of the iHub and picture yourself as a graduate student at SHU!

WCBT's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab

With 40 computers and dedicated servers, the AI lab is a space where students can explore the applications of artificial intelligence for business purposes. Have an ingenious marketing idea? Want to develop the next big AI tool to be used on construction sites, in the medical field, or in homes? Then the AI lab is for you. In this multi-functional space, you'll have the chance to experiment with eye trackers, a video wall, object recognition equipment, and more.  

NeXReality (AR) Lab

In this virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality lab, you'll gain hands-on experience in a variety of immersive technologies. In this space, you can create 2D and 3D animation productions, use the interactive media gallery to explore new product and marketing concepts, and use the spatial sound studio. 

Business Analytics Lab

The 1,400 square foot business analytics lab brings students and technology together. Imagine the problems you could solve and the scenarios you could game out with access to high-powered computers and financial databases, and software and tools that help answer your questions about supply chain logistics, revenue, accounting, and pricing. 

Finance Lab

The finance lab is where you can bridge the gap between theory and practice in the world of finance. In our finance lab, you'll learn first-hand about portfolio construction, trading, risk management, and more. With an LCD ticker-tape display, Bloomberg terminals with data-feeds from the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), Barron's/Dow Jones, and Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS) — it’s a close second to Wall Street.  

Cybersecurity Lab

Learn about cybersecurity threats and various defense strategies against those threats in the cybersecurity lab. With 40 workstations containing software in forensic analysis and decryption, a dedicated high-security network, network switches, firewalls, and network-attached storage, you can spend your time at Sacred Heart becoming well versed in cybercrime prevention. 

IDEA (Innovate, Design, Engineer, Apply) Lab

At SHU, our IDEA Lab is designed to support experiential learning. Do you have the perfect business idea? Ready to try it out in a real-world setting? Want to know what happens when you design a prototype, market it to consumers, and then put it to the test? The IDEA lab was made for you. Featuring laser cutting and tool-and-die casting technology, 3D printers, motion-capture cameras for testing drones and robots, and material characterization and testing, the sky's the limit. To get a better sense of what you can create here, take our virtual tour

Facilities in the School of Communication, Media & the Arts

Sacred Heart University provides academic programs for students entering the fields of television, film, and journalism, among other careers in media and communications. We know how vital it is for our students to have the technical skills and experience they need to stand out in these competitive fields, and we are committed to providing our grad students with unparalleled hands-on experiences. The Frank and Marisa Martire Center for Liberal Arts provides state-of-the-art-facilities and technologies to help students succeed when they enter their careers.   

The $50 million center in the School of Communication, Media & the Arts provides students with access to interactive laboratories and production studios. From the motion capture lab to the post-production facilities and television and film screening venues, graduate students at Sacred Heart gain the skills and experience needed to prepare them for careers centered around communications and the arts. Want to see more? Take a tour of our facilities!

Exceptional Learning Opportunities at the Center for Healthcare Education

SHU's Center for Healthcare Education brings together students, teachers, and healthcare professionals in a collaborative environment where students gain hands-on learning experiences with a wide variety of populations. From pediatric to geriatric, the Center for Healthcare Education is equipped to help students learn about care for stroke victims, patients with autism, those in need of physical and occupational therapy, people seeking speech and audiology services, and more. 

Students in our Family Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing Practice (FNP-DNP) program collaborate with their cohort and professors in our 24-bed lab and 8 simulation rooms. DNP students have access to a variety of advanced mannequins and an Anatomage Table for hands-on practice that will prepare them for their future careers in healthcare. Take a tour of our facilities to learn more.

The Best Facilities Draw the Best Students

Equipment and facilities alone do not make a good graduate school experience. It takes years of working with the best professors and peers to earn an advanced degree. Premier facilities draw the best students, creating a rich academic environment and strong intellectual community.

As a graduate student at Sacred Heart University, you'll benefit from this intellectual community. During your time at SHU, we’ll offer you opportunities to explore and develop your most creative ideas and to act on those ideas in our wide variety of labs and student-centered facilities. 

If you’d like to learn more about earning a graduate degree at Sacred Heart, we invite you to request more information or access our free resource: The Ultimate Guide to Graduate Programs at Sacred Heart University.

If you have specific questions, we'd be happy to help you find the information you need. Reach out to us and schedule a 1-on-1 call with an admissions counselor.

Want quick information about our graduate degrees? Access our program guide to learn more! 

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SHU Graduate Admissions Team

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We are the graduate admissions team at Sacred Heart University. We aspire to create a welcoming and supportive environment for students looking to continue their education while empowering them in mind, body and spirit. We hope you find our resources helpful and informative as you explore and pursue a graduate degree at Sacred Heart!

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