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New Resource: What Can I Do With a Master’s in I/O Psychology?

June 19, 2020

From the ground up and top down, businesses are changing how they function. More than ever, large portions of the population are working from home, and those who cannot work from home are experiencing heightened health and safety accommodations in the workplace. With so many changes occurring across all sectors of industry, workplace policies are something on everyone’s mind, and that leaves us wondering:

As the way we work fundamentally changes, how will these radical adjustments impact the way business is done in the future?

The professionals working in the field of industrial/organizational psychology are focused on helping employees and businesses answer this question and navigate their way through present and future challenges. 

Download our guide — What Can I Do with a Master's in I/O Psychology — to learn  how you can contribute to the next generation of healthy, thriving workplaces. 

The Degree That’s Changing the Workplace

I/O psychologists understand that a business, organization, and society cannot prosper if its individual members are not properly cared for. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the fact that not every company has a healthy working environment, well-established safety precautions, and policies that ensure the success of both the business and its employees in the case of an emergency. By building and improving the systems and processes needed to keep business running smoothly, I/O psychologists ensure a happier, healthier, more productive workforce, both today and in the future.

This in-demand field has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years and, as the workforce adapts to a rapidly changing landscape, the need for highly-qualified I/O psychologists will become even more critical. 

Sacred Heart University makes it easy to kickstart your career in I/O psychology by offering a one-year Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology program. Students will learn to help organizations increase efficiency and employee satisfaction using psychological principles, and will be able to apply their advanced knowledge to a career in business, research, policy, or academics. 

To help you learn more about this innovative discipline, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide that explores the rapidly growing field of I/O psychology: What Can I Do With a Master’s in I/O Psychology? The Degree that Fosters Innovation in the Workplace.

What’s inside the guide?

When you download this guide, you will receive information about: 

  • The applications of psychology in workplace culture.
  • How I/O psychology is disrupting traditional workplace patterns to impact meaningful change.
  • Career opportunities available for eager professionals in the field.
  • What it looks like to pursue a master’s degree in I/O psychology.
  • What sets Sacred Heart’s Master’s in I/O Psychology apart from other programs.

Start your journey today!

As society continues to adapt to changing work landscapes, we need committed professionals who can solve today’s pressing problems and create safer, more cohesive working environments. If you’re interested in kickstarting your career with our one-year Master’s in I/O Psychology program, we encourage you to download the guide or reach out to an admissions counselor for more information. We look forward to helping you with your graduate school journey!

Businesses are fundamentally changing the way they operate. Want to be a driving force behind that change? Get started with our guide — What Can I Do With a Master’s in I/O Psychology?

Download Now


SHU Graduate Admissions Team

About the Author

We are the graduate admissions team at Sacred Heart University. We aspire to create a welcoming and supportive environment for students looking to continue their education while empowering them in mind, body and spirit. We hope you find our resources helpful and informative as you explore and pursue a graduate degree at Sacred Heart!

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