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About the Guide

Industrial/Organizational psychologists help shape trends in workplace culture by focusing on the needs of the whole person in order to promote a cohesive, successful business. When a person feels understood and supported in their work environment, they are more likely to achieve higher levels of productivity. When both businesses and workers are satisfied, the overall quality of life improves. 

If you would like to pursue a fulfilling and purposeful career, we invite you to explore our valuable resource — What Can I Do With a Master’s in I/O Psychology? The Degree that Fosters Innovation in the Workplace.

The field of I/O psychology is far-reaching and those who study its principles develop the knowledge and understanding needed to implement practices that ensure a safer, healthier, happier workforce and, by extension, a better society. This guide will give you an in-depth look at I/O psychology, one of the fastest-growing subfields of psychology, and what it looks like to pursue a graduate degree in this innovative discipline at Sacred Heart University. It will also delve into the following important topics: 


Career Outlook Explore the variety of careers you can pursue with a master's in I/O psychology, find out average salary information, and discover the job outlook for professionals in the field.


Student stories. Check out the graduate school journeys of I/O Psychology students at Sacred Heart University and learn about how SHU is preparing them for careers in this rapidly growing sector.


Industry insights. Hear from the Sacred Heart program director about industry trends and insights into how I/O psychology is transforming the modern workplace.