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A Degree that Makes a Difference: An Interview with Cybersecurity Student John Albergo

February 20, 2020

Do you have a desire to use your technical skills in a career that allows you to make a difference?

If so, a graduate degree in cybersecurity could be the perfect fit for you. John Albergo was always interested in computers and technology, but wanted to make the internet and the world a safer place. This desire led him to the Master of Cybersecurity program at SHU. Read on to learn more about why he chose this graduate degree and what his experience has been like in this program at SHU.

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Please tell me about your graduate program at SHU. 

I am enrolled in the cybersecurity master’s program. It is typically a two-year program that is open to students from many different academic backgrounds, not just those with technical experience. 

Why are you passionate about/interested in cybersecurity?

I’ve always been fond of technology, but in particular, the idea of making online interactions safe has always interested me. Moving forward with education in cybersecurity only reinforced that interest. What I am probably the most passionate about is helping people ensure that they are protected on the internet. 

When will you graduate? What kind of career position do you hope to land post-graduation?

My current plan is to graduate in May of this year (2020), so the end is in sight. After graduation, I would like to ideally find a position in network security, as that particular part of cyber has always been one of the things I found most interesting.  

Why did you choose this specific graduate program at SHU? Why is this program unique?

Sacred Heart is always updating its programs, and the cyber program is no exception. While my undergraduate degree was in computer science, and I am still passionate about that field, cybersecurity was becoming a serious new interest of mine, and when I saw that SHU had a program, I decided that was the best for me.

What are some trends and changes coming to the field of cybersecurity?

One of the biggest changes currently happening in the field is many businesses are moving towards the cloud. It is reasonable to say that almost all businesses will eventually be handled in the cloud. So, being able to secure one’s assets stored in the cloud is becoming a very valuable skill. 

Tell me about one faculty member who made a positive impact on your graduate school journey. 

Dr. Sajal Bhatia has been an absolutely essential part of my graduate program. He is my advisor, so he is very involved in ensuring I am always on the right track. He is always available if I ever need to reach him, and is a large part of my graduate school journey.

Tell me about one of your favorite courses that you’ve taken in graduate school thus far.

One of my favorite classes has actually been a digital forensics course. While I never even thought about the forensic side of security, I found it to be very interesting and provide new insights into the world of cybersecurity as a whole. 

What advice do you have for prospective students thinking about enrolling in this program?

My biggest piece of advice would be to keep an open mind. The program opened my eyes to so many different aspects of security that I had never considered. You really do get exposed to more than you would typically think. This not only keeps things exciting but also opens up possibilities for you moving forward. 

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