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About the Guide

In today’s rapidly changing, competitive field of technology, the need for experts with advanced skills in fields related to information technology, computer science, and cybersecurity continues to grow. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment in these fields will grow 13 percent between 2020-2030, and in some cases, as fast as 33 percent—much higher than the national average. 

If you would like to pursue a career in the dynamic, rapidly growing technology space, we invite you to explore our valuable resource — Protecting Critical Data and Building Digital Infrastructure for the Future: A Guide to Graduate Degrees in Computer Science, IT, and Cybersecurity.

Earning a graduate degree is a valuable and strategic option to launch and advance your career as a future leader in the technology sector. This informative guide will give you the tools and knowledge you need as you consider pursuing a graduate degree to succeed. It will also delve into the following important topics:


Career Outlook In this extensive guide, you'll find career outlook and job growth statistics for several roles in the computer science, IT, and cybersecurity fields.


Differences in Disciplines. Navigating which graduate program is right for you will be easier with this in-depth look at degree options related to the technology space.


Professional Benefits. Hear from expert faculty members at Sacred Heart University about how their coursework equips students to thrive in the Computer Science, IT, and Cybersecurity fields.