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Why A Master's In Journalism & Media Production Is The Right Step For Your Career

May 26, 2021

Perhaps you’re just starting out in pursuing a career in journalism and media production–or maybe you’re mid-career and looking to advance–and you’re considering a master’s degree. Is earning a Master of Arts in journalism & media production really worth it?

You might be asking questions like: “What will I gain from a master’s in journalism & media production?” and “Is a master’s the right path to achieve my goals?” and “Is journalism & media production a good field to enter and advance in right now?” Which all really lead to the question: 


We chatted with three-time Emmy Award-winning veteran NBC News producer Joe Alicastro–who is also the director of Sacred Heart University’s Master of Arts in journalism & media production (JMP) program–and asked him to share his thoughts on the value of a SHU master’s degree in the field right now.

Read on to learn Joe’s answers to the questions: “should someone pursue journalism in 2021?” and “why a master’s from SHU?”

Will a master’s in journalism & media production prepare me to work in the field?

JA: Our intensive, hands-on curriculum at Sacred Heart prepares students to be ready to work in the field the day after they graduate because throughout the year they have been doing work in the field at a professional level. The proof is in the number of alumni from our program that are in the field working as professionals in all forms of media. Our program prepares our students to enter the exciting fields of broadcast journalism, documentary film, photojournalism and commercial photography, videography, multimedia production, post-production editing and live television production. 

How is Sacred Heart’s journalism & media production master’s program relevant to current events?

JA: Our program is immersed in current events. As future journalists and media specialists, our students must be up-to-date on events in the news. As important as being up-to-date is being completely aware of the sources of information they receive and if those sources of information are reliable. In addition, our students don’t hesitate to grab their cameras and go out and cover current events. During the past year our journalism students have reported extensively on the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests.

How has “fake news” affected journalism?

JA: The term “fake news” lost all of its meaning when it became a means of condemning as “fake” anything that one disagreed with. It is the job of journalists to continue to cover the news by reporting facts. As my former colleague Chuck Todd of NBC News “Meet the Press” said: “there are no alternative facts.” We discover facts through research and by asking the simple questions of who, what, where, when and how. When the answers to those questions and facts are presented to an audience or readers in a fair and balanced way, journalists have done their job properly and any accusation of “fake news” rings hollow.  

What distinguishes Sacred Heart’s journalism & media production master’s from its competitors?

JA: In our accelerated program you will earn your degree in one year, saving you time and tuition. Our program features a state-of-the-art media facility with studio production facilities second to none. On day one, you will be issued your own complete camera kit to use for the year and your own Macbook Pro loaded with the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite. The laptop is yours to keep upon graduation. Our faculty are renowned media professionals with real-world experience and academic prestige in their respective fields. Upon graduation you will become part of the success story of our program and part of the network of our alumni who are already making their mark as journalists and media professionals.  

Why should someone pursue journalism in 2021?

JA: If you want to see the world. If you care about your community. If you want to arrive at work each day and never be bored. If you have a curious mind and you have a passion for truth.  These are among the many good reasons to pursue journalism in 2021. 

Why is Sacred Heart’s journalism & media production master’s right for me? 

JA: The JMP program is right for you because you want to earn a master’s degree in a program that will completely prepare you to be a professional in journalism and all forms of media production. 


Questions about launching your career with a master's in journalism & media production from Sacred Heart? Contact Ed Nassr, associate director of graduate admissions, via email or virtual appointment

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