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A Passion for Shaping Young Minds: Why One Student Is Earning His MAT

April 9, 2020

Most teachers have some defining event in their life, which sparks their desire to form young minds in the classroom. For Luis-Andres Bridtter it was the care and concern of an assistant principal and a teacher that, in many ways, turned his life around.

Whatever your reason for pursuing a career as an educator, Sacred Heart University's Master of Arts in Teaching with Initial Teacher Certification is there to prepare you to meet every challenge and make a lasting impact on your students. We sat down with Luis-Andres to learn how the MAT program is preparing him to accomplish his professional goals and become an educator who makes a difference. Read on to hear what he had to say! 

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Please tell me a little about yourself and why you chose to pursue an MAT with a Teacher Certification at Sacred Heart University. 

My name is Luis-Andres Bridtter and I’m from Stamford, Connecticut. I chose to enroll in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Sacred Heart University because of its reputation for producing quality educators.  

Which concentration are you pursuing within the program?

I am concentrating in secondary social studies. 

Why are you passionate about the field of teaching?

I am passionate about impacting and building the minds of young people. At different points in grade school, I was both a struggling student and an honor student. So I connect with students on different academic levels. I was also considered an at-risk youth. I was headed down the wrong path until my assistant principal and a teacher mentored me, and that changed my life. 

What are your career plans? How is your program preparing you to accomplish these goals?

My plan is to become both a teacher and a basketball coach. Later in my professional career, I aspire to become an administrator. In addition to helping me reach my goals, this program is providing me with the necessary knowledge and field experience I need to step into my teaching career prepared. My courses are taught by outstanding professors who cover all aspects of education and help us understand the qualifications needed to be an impactful educator in the classroom. 

Why did you choose this specific graduate program at SHU? Why is this program unique?

I chose to enroll in the MAT program at Sacred Heart because of the great experiences former students, who are now teaching in their own classrooms, shared with me.

Tell me about your experience with the hands-on elements of the MAT program. How are these experiences preparing you for your career?

The hands-on elements have been challenging but positive. Our instructors challenge us with a workload that requires us to think critically. This is good preparation for us as future educators because this is what we will expect of our students.

Tell me about one faculty member who made a positive impact on your graduate school journey.

One of my favorite faculty members who has positively impacted me during my time at SHU is Dr. Jim Carl. Dr. Carl brought out the best in my peers and me, by allowing us to be creative and autonomous. He is a very intelligent individual who genuinely cares for his students. 

Tell me about one of your favorite courses that you’ve taken in graduate school thus far.

My favorite course so far has been secondary methods taught by Dr. Jim Carl. This course was an open learning environment that sparked great classroom discussion and was based on historic readings that we connected to modern-day.

What advice do you have for prospective students thinking about enrolling in this program?

My advice to future students is to go ahead and apply to the MAT program at Sacred Heart because it will expertly prepare you for your future and you will build solid relationships and connections along the way. I am proud to be a pioneer!  

If you are ready to get started on a teaching degree that will equip and empower you to make a lasting difference in the lives of young people, we invite you to explore our Master of Arts in Teaching degree with Initial Teacher Certification. You can also reach out to our admissions professionals for more information or to ask any questions you may have. Or if you are ready to begin your application, you can do so online today! We look forward to having you join our growing community.

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