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SHU Professionals Share Why You Should Attend the Grad Studies Open House

October 31, 2019

At Sacred Heart University, some of the best events we hold throughout the year are our Open Houses. This event provides a comprehensive and personalized overview of the graduate school experience, enabling prospective students to determine if SHU could be the right fit for them.

To get a better sense of the event, we asked our graduate admissions professionals at Sacred Heart University three questions: why should prospective students attend this event? Why is it a valuable use of their time? And what are you looking forward to at the Open House?

Here’s what they had to say: 

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Tara Chudy, Executive Director of Graduate Admissions

The most compelling reason to attend the Open House is that it presents the most time-efficient way to make connections, get questions answered, and determine whether a graduate program at SHU is the right fit for a prospective student.

The value in this event is being able to speak directly with the staff and faculty who will work alongside each prospective student throughout their graduate journey. I am most looking forward to seeing the SHU community spirit on full display. A motto of SHU has been “where personal attention leads to personal achievement” and I am excited to prove how that can happen!

Kathleen Farmer, Director of Graduate Admissions

The Open House is the most comprehensive event we will host this year for prospective graduate students, a true one-stop-shop. Representatives from all relevant departments will be on hand, so prospective students should leave without any unanswered questions and knowing just what to expect as a SHU grad student. The graduate open house gives prospective students that opportunity, while also allowing them to take the drive, check out parking, try the food, and get an overall sense of the place they’ll be spending a good amount of time at over the next months or years. 

I am looking forward to the event because as a member of the admissions staff, I love seeing the community come together to welcome prospective students. Open Houses are always full of energy and excitement.

Andrea Baggetta, Director of Graduate Admissions

The Open House is one of the rare opportunities where students can meet with admissions, faculty, financial aid, career services, and student affairs all in one location. The event is so valuable because it offers prospective students a chance to hear what our graduate programs have to offer, right from the faculty that direct them and teach in them. 

We will start off the day with a student panel — hearing from current students is the best way for potential applicants to get a feel for what life will be like as a graduate student. I am most looking forward to meeting new potential students and being able to showcase our campus and facilities.

Eva Magnuson, Director of Graduate Admissions

I believe every applicant should know as much as they can about a program prior to applying so they can figure out if it is a good fit for them. Attending the Open House will give you the opportunity to learn more about the specifics of your program of interest from esteemed faculty members and current students. Applicants need to get a feel for the University as it is where they will be spending a lot of time. Being able to visit SHU in person will allow candidates to see the state-of-the-art facilities, a learning environment that is not available at other institutions!

I so look forward to meeting candidates in person! When reviewing applications, it can be very two dimensional, however, at events, I get to meet and talk one-on-one with candidates. There are many times that I email with a candidate for months, so it is so nice when we are finally able to meet face-to-face at an Open House.

Edward Nassr, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions 

The Open House inspires students because they have the opportunity to see the facilities and equipment for their program first-hand. All of our facilities for every program from Health Professions to the College of Arts and Sciences and more, are brand-new (within the last five years) and are state-of-the-art. At the Open House, you’ll experience a more personal approach than our competitors when you meet with professors and students in the program. The event also builds a connection between the admissions counselor and the student, a bond that comes only through meeting each other in person at the event.

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SHU Graduate Admissions Team

About the Author

We are the graduate admissions team at Sacred Heart University. We aspire to create a welcoming and supportive environment for students looking to continue their education while empowering them in mind, body and spirit. We hope you find our resources helpful and informative as you explore and pursue a graduate degree at Sacred Heart!

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