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About the Guide

So, you’ve decided to go to graduate school. Congratulations on making such an important decision! Now it's time to find the school that will prepare you to meet your personal and professional goals. Ready to get started? This guide is essentially your applying-to-grad-school checklist!

Whether you’ve just started your search or you already have a few programs in mind, this guide will help you understand the graduate school journey and complete your research and applications with confidence and ease. We’ll cover the following important topics:


Grad readiness assessment: Are you ready for graduate school? Find out if graduate study is the right next step, plus helpful tips, advice and real-life strategies.


Research tips: Not sure where to start or what to look for in the perfect grad school? We’ve broken the grad school research process into easy steps.


Paying for grad school: Filing the FAFSA, scholarships, assistantships, student loans — learn how to qualify for aid and how to afford grad school.