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Topic: i o psychology

July 2020

July 23, 2020

Trending, Lucrative, and Dynamic — A Look Inside the Field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology

The average person will spend about 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, and yet, a quarter of all Americans say work is their greatest source ...

July 2, 2020

My Experience in an I/O Psychology Program: An Interview with Graduate Student Sadie Pavao

In the current global climate, there are many things that remain uncertain. As a society, the way we live our lives has changed drastically. But, perh...

June 2020

June 19, 2020

New Resource: What Can I Do With a Master’s in I/O Psychology?

From the ground up and top down, businesses are changing how they function. More than ever, large portions of the population are working from home, an...

August 2019

August 15, 2019

SHU Welcomes Inaugural Industrial-Organizational Psychology Master’s Cohort

In Fall 2019, Sacred Heart University launched its new master’s program in industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology and it was met with great succes...