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About the Guide

Did you know that employers are requiring higher levels of education when filling jobs? Between 2016 and 2026, the number of jobs requiring a master's degree will increase by 17 percent. It's clear, graduate school is a smart choice. 

Whether you are still an undergraduate student or have several years of work experience, we've created a resource that answers your questions about the graduate school decision process — Pursuing a Graduate Degree: Questions and Answers from Start to Finish.

If you need tips, advice, resources, and real-life strategies from educational professionals, then this guide is for you. In addition to answering the most common questions about earning a graduate degree, it will also delve into the following important topics: 


Career Outlook Whether you're looking to advance your current career or pursue a new one, a graduate degree can give you the tools to jumpstart your next career move.


Helpful insights. Get helpful tips and insights from the professionals at Sacred Heart on finding, applying for, and financing a high-quality graduate education.


Practical Next Steps. Don't delay your career advancement. Download the guide to learn what your next move should be on your graduate degree journey.