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About the Guide

Whether you're an undergraduate, bachelor's degree-holder, or already in the workforce, one key question comes to mind when considering graduate school:

Is it worth it?

That's why we created this helpful guide, Is Getting a Graduate Degree Worth It? Why You Shouldn't Wait to Go to Grad School

Inside, you'll find deep insight into whether a graduate degree is worth another few years of study and the associated costs. The guide also answers other important questions, like:

  • How much more can I really make with a graduate degree?
  • What advantages will a graduate degree give me?
  • Can I recoup my costs in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Will it help me advance in my current job?

Whether you've already started your graduate school search or are just beginning to weigh your options, this resource is designed to give you a comprehensive look at the ROI of an advanced degree.

Trying to decide if graduate school is the right move? Then this guide is for you. To help you determine your next steps, the guide also covers the following important topics: 


Grad School Fit Quiz. Not sure if going to grad school is right for you? This guide contains a quiz that will give you fast insight into whether an advanced degree makes sense for you.


Earnings insight. We compare the median annual wage of bachelor's degree-holders to master's degree-holders within the business, education, healthcare & social services, and STEM career fields.


Support. Wondering what to do next? We have resources to help guide you, whatever your circumstances. Let us help you with your next steps!