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About the Guide

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd in today’s world of digital influencers, 24-hour news and endless information at your fingertips. Landing a meaningful and exciting career in news, social media or sports journalism takes more than just industry knowledge and talent — a graduate degree from the School of Communication, Media & the Arts (SCMA) at SHU will help you fill the gaps, make the connections and rise to new heights.

Learn how a master’s degree from SHU can breathe new life into your media career with our Guide To The School of Communication, Media & the Arts

In this guide you’ll learn more about the degrees offered within the SCMA, our world-class facilities and hear from our alumni who achieved their goals thanks to the knowledge and connections they gained at SHU. This guide will also cover what makes the SCMA stand out from our competitors:


Our students are committed, creative media professionals who are eager to learn, get involved and make a difference both on and off campus.


Our faculty bring extensive academic knowledge and real-life industry experience to the classroom everyday to educate the entire person.


Our facilities include production studios, control rooms, a media theater, and screening classrooms, all in the heart of the communication industry.