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About the Guide

Public health touches every part of our lives, from protecting the water we drink to tracking disease outbreaks to educating communities about proper nutrition. Now, more than ever, public health professionals are teaming up with scientists, researchers, and government officials to ensure a swift end to the current pandemic and to implement policies and procedures that will leave us better equipped to manage future outbreaks of illness. 

If you would like to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling career, we invite you to explore our valuable resource — A Degree that Makes a Difference: Exploring the Master of Public Health at Sacred Heart University.

Those working in public health try to prevent illness, promote wellness, and educate others about healthy behaviors. At its core, public health helps improve our quality of life and reduce human suffering. In this comprehensive resource, you will learn about the dynamic field of public health and how public health professionals work to improve the quality of life for people across the globe—through policy initiatives, data research and analysis, and community outreach. It will also delve into the following important topics: 


Career Outlook Explore the variety of careers you can pursue with an MPH degree, find out average salary information, and discover the job outlook for professionals in the MPH field.


Insights from students. Check out the graduate school journeys of MPH students at Sacred Heart University and learn about how SHU is equipping them with the skills they need to succeed outside the classroom.


Professional Benefits. Leave a lasting impact on your community and the world by working to improve health outcomes. Read about the distinctive benefits that a meaningful career in public health offers.