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About the Guide

It can be challenging to decide what do do after you earn your undergraduate degree. You know a Master's degree will give you the credentials and experience that will bring your resume to the top of the pile, but the idea of 2-5 more years of school, on top of tuition, student loans, and homework is too overwhelming.

What if you found out there was another way to get your desired graduate degree in less time and by spending less money?

By enrolling in an accelerated graduate degree program at Sacred Heart University, you could earn a Master's degree in as little as one additional year of school, or a doctorate in as little as three additional years.

Discover how an accelerated degree can help you by downloading the Guide to SHU's One Year Master's Programs and Accelerated Graduate Degrees.

Inside, you'll uncover answers to key questions, like:

  • How can I save money while earning a Master's degree?
  • What's the best way to earn a great salary as soon as possible?
  • How does a Master's degree increase my edge in the job market?
  • Which accelerated degree programs at SHU will best match my goals and set me up for success?