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About the Guide

If you're unhappy, unfulfilled, or overworked at your current job, you're probably wondering how to take the best next step in your career. There's no getting around it — it's a tough conversation to have with yourself.

That's why we created this helpful resource, A Guide to Changing Your Career (And how a Graduate Degree from Sacred Heart Can Help)

Inside, you'll find conversation starters and guidance around making a career change. This guide empowers you to answer key questions, like:

  • How can I tell that it's time to change careers?
  • What are the right reasons to leave my current job?
  • What skills can I transfer to my next job?
  • What are some exciting (and growing) career fields to get into?
  • Will continuing my education help me in my next career step?

Whether you're just weighing your options or are ready to execute a career change, this resource provides actionable insights and helps you avoid common pitfalls while changing careers. This guide also covers the following important topics: 


12 Career Change Indicators. Is it time for a career change? This guide outlines 12 signs that switching careers is the right (and healthy) decision for you.


Real Career Advice. From common pitfalls to avoid to overcoming the fear of something new, our guide offers reassurance to help you take your next step with confidence.


Support. Wondering what to do next? We have resources to guide you, whatever your circumstances. Let us help you with your next steps!