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About the Guide

You're ready to start graduate school — but there’s a lot of options, and you’re not sure which type of program makes the most sense for you.

You're not alone.

Many students who are excited to earn an advanced degree don’t know where to start, and all the options you see when you browse graduate school websites can add to your (understandable) confusion. 

This is why we created — A Graduate Degree that Meets Your Needs: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Hybrid Programs. This resource explores hybrid graduate degrees as a flexible, student-centered degree option.

If you're looking for tips, advice, and real-life strategies from current hybrid graduate degree students, then this guide is for you. In addition to answering the most important questions about pursuing a hybrid degree, it will also delve into the following important topics: 


Pros and Cons. Hybrid programs aren't for everyone! We delve into the pros and cons of this type of program format.


Helpful Insights. Get helpful tips and insights from the professionals at Sacred Heart on how to succeed in a hybrid graduate program.


Student stories. Read about three students' journeys in a hybrid program at Sacred Heart University and learn how SHU is supporting them while they juggle work and school.